HR Advisory Services

Simply HR Inc. provides HR services that address the full life cycle of an employee with your organization. From the time that they join you through to their final day, Simply HR Inc. will assist you in the engagement and interaction with your employees, including the difficult conversations that you sometimes have to have.

The following are some of the services that we offer, however, we encourage you to contact us to discuss any additional needs that you may have.

Workforce Planning and Job Design

Working with you, develop a your future workforce plan and the associated jobs that will be needed.


Develop a program to ensure your new employees have a positive experience from the moment of offer through their first several months on the job.

Employee Engagement

Keeping a pulse on current employee engagement and satisfaction is as important as understanding why someone may be leaving the organization.

  • We can design and/or conduct stay interviews with your current employees;
  • We can design and assist in the administration of employee engagement surveys as well as analyze trends and provide recommended action plans based on the survey results.

Day to day employee relations

Are you a small organization without a dedicated HR resource? Let Simply HR Inc. take the stress out of responding to employee enquiries by acting as your organization’s day to day HR resource.

Performance Management 

Whether it is regular performance review programs or managing a difficult employee performance situation, we can help with the design and management of your performance programs, ensuring employee engagement and compliance with relevant legislation.

Terminations / Exit Interviews / Trend Analysis

  • Voluntary Terminations – Are you having difficulty retaining good employees? We can design and conduct exit interviews with departing employees. Using employee demographics and information obtained during exit interviews, we can provide trending analysis to identify areas of concern and recommend action plans to address these concerns.
  • Involuntary Terminations – Do you have employees that are not performing or have breached a key policy and you would like to sever their employment with your organization? In conjunction with your legal counsel, we can provide assistance with the actual termination process and resulting communications.